Picture of The EmberLit Mini

The EmberLit Mini

Specialty run of the EmberLit. Made of Titanium. Less than 4.5 oz/ 127g. Designed to hold pots as small as 3in/7.6cm in diameter. Made in the USA.


The EmberLit Mini or EL-MINI for short. At a mere 4.5 oz/127g, this EmberLit is for those looking to shave off even more weight from the already minuscule packed bulk of the EmberLit UL. The EL-MINI is designed to hold pots as small as 3in/7.6cm in diameter without adapters. Another added feature is the ability to keep all the parts of the stove together with a snap ring or lanyard using the small hole in the corner of each panel. The EL-MINI is a special run of the EmberLit Stove so availability will be intermittent.

The mini is a speciality product. Each stove is hand me. Naturally it will take longer to fulfill orders for Minis. While we are striving to keep the mini priced comparable to the UL recognize that a whole lot more love goes into the Minis.

Products Specifications
Material Titanium
Weight 4.5 (127 g)
Panels 3.5x5 Inches
Stove Height 5.5 inches
Top of stove 3x3 Inches
Fuel Does not require you to carry any fuel
Manufactuer Merkwares
Warranty Life time
Packs flat 1/8th of an inch