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Omelet in a Bag

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What you need:

Zip-lock Freezer Bag

Your favorite omelet fixings

Pot to boil water

1. Start out by mixing your favorite omelet ingredients in a bowl. I like to add chives, mushrooms, chopped ham, salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese to the beaten eggs.

2. Pour it into a heavy Zip-lock freezer bag. There are some new bags on the market that are specifically designed for boiling, just do a search for Boilable Bags.

3. To cook simply submerge the “omelet in a bag” in water and bring to a boil. Be sure that the bag is complete submerged and that no part of it comes in contact with the bare walls of your cooking vessel, this could cause the bag to melt. So long as the bag remains under water it will not exceed the temperature of the boiling water.  Check your omelet every few minutes. It does not take long to cook.

When done, carefully remove the bag from the water and wait for it to cool down. While you are waiting  you could use the hot water to make Hot Cocoa/Coffee. If you plan to cook your omelet the next day on the trail, freeze it before your trip. This will keep it fresh an extra day. Omelets made this way are remarkably moist and fluffy. One of my favorite camp breakfasts.